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Les Carnets de Mission

Domaine du Rayol Domain of the Rayol :

Gilles Clément,
Philippe Deliau,
Christian Desplats

Memòria de l’aiga Memòria de l’aiga Ethno-linguistic survey on water in the Limousin mountains

Pascal Boudy, Jean-Marie Caunet, Jean-François Vignaud

Acquired in 1989 by the Conservatoire du littoral, the Domaine du Rayol is a sea-side garden, miraculously preserved from the urbanization of the Mediterranean coast. For 20 years, friends, employees, volunteers and administrators have worked to give life to this Mediterranean garden imagined and designed by landscape designer Gilles Clément. It is an experimental project of environmental protection and local development.

20 years later, one million visitors come to Rayol every year, from the New Zealand prairie sedge to the Chilean puyas hills or the fern-tree valley: the garden of Rayol is an assortment of species borrowed from the Mediterranean flora, and a unique combination of landscapes emblematic of far-away regions… a global garden.

From April 2007 to June 2008, the members of the Institut d'Estudis Occitans dau Lemosin traveled the paths of the Parc naturel régional de Millevaches in Limousin seeking the memòria the aiga, the memory of the water ...

A survey conducted in Occitan with the latest players in the rural civilization to bear witness to a piece of technical and linguistic memory of the mountain limousine: las levadas the torba, los Molins, the aiga vialatges dins lo ...

ISBN 978-2-918051-04-6
54 pages
Spiral bound
Price: 16,00 €

ISBN 978-2-918051-03-9
52 pages
Spiral bound
Price: 16,00 €

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Restauration écologique d’îlots bretons Ecological restoration of Britanny islands

Louis Dutouquet

Préservation et valorisation des petites îles de Méditerranée Preservation and valorisation of the small Mediterrannean islands

Laurence Malherbe
Jean Paul Lassort
Sébastien Renou

The book charts the mission of a landscape artist over three years at the northern tip of Belle-Ile-en-Mer. The study, commissioned by the Coastal National Conservatory and the Community of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, involved development and protection of an exceptional natural site; rehabilitation of the lighthouse and estate of the former actress Sarah Bernhardt; as well as a museum. The islands, with their rich and specific ecosysytem, are a precious shared Mediterrannean heirloom. A safe heaven for many rare or threatened species, they find themeselves at the heart of a grand endeavour: the protection of bio diversity. Therefore, the Littoral conservatory found itself at the center of this reflexion by managing the International Program for Mediterrannean Small Islands (PIM) since 2006: missions and on-site meetings, it is an in-depth effort to promote the durable management of these fragile milieux. All aboard this multi-cultural and pluri-disciplinary adventure, experts, scientists and illustrators have together furrowed Morroccan, Algerian and Tunisian shores…

ISBN  978-2-918051-02-2
56 pages
Spiral bound
Price: 16,00 €

ISBN 978-2-918051-00-8
92 pages
Spiral bound
Price: 22,00 €

Restauration et valorisation de l’anse des Paulilles Restoration of "l’anse des Paulilles"
(Paulille's cove)

Philippe Deliau

Prostitution à Phnom Penh Prostitution in
Phnom Penh

Nicolas Lainez

"L'anse des Paulilles" ... a site of great beauty and considerable ambiguity. Here was once a Nobel explosives factory, in other words, a world apart, inaccessible. Abandoned in 1984, the site became an industrial wasteland which no one knew what to do with for 20 years. Since 2005, under the direction of the Coastal Protection and the General Council of Pyrénées Orientales Agency, landscape architect Philippe Deliau led the "collective effort of creation" that has revived Paulilles' cove: an ambitious mission to preserve a natural site and make it accessible to the public, without obliterating the human history of which is also a place of memory. The eye of photographer Nicolas Lainez on the working conditions of local teams of Pharmacists Without Borders, dealing with prostitution in Cambodia.
After studying cinema and photography, Nicolas Lainez decides to embark in 1999 in a South-East Asia project reporting on human trafficking, sexual exploitation and AIDS. He takes images for NGOs, foundations, and international institutions.

ISBN 978-2-918051-01-5
48 pages
Spiral bound
Prix 16,00 €

ISBN 2-9507922-8-6
50 pages
Spiral bound
Price 23,00 €

Restauration et valorisation de la pointe des Poulains Recovery of the
"Pointe des Poulains
(Colts' pointe)

Alain Freytet

The book relates the work of a landscaper over three years at the northern tip of Belle-Ile-en-Mer. The study, commissioned by the Coastal Protection and the Community of communes of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, relates to both development and protection of this outstanding natural site and the rehabilitation of the Colts' lighthouse and the estate of famous actress Sarah Bernhardt, around a museum.  

ISBN 2-9507922-7-8
56 pages
Sprial bound
Prix 16.00 €

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