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Between 1968 and 1995, Louis Watel, a third generation printer in Brioude, laid out, printed and edited some thirty works devoted to the history and heritage of the Auvergne region: history, architecture, art objects … Some titles are still available today.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, all publications herein are in French.

Burons de Haute Auvergne, Jean-Claude Roc

Shepherd shelters of Upper Auvergne (Burons de Haute-Auvergne)

Jean-Claude ROC

A comprehensive study, supported by historic references and illustrated with 300 photographs.

24 cm x 32 cm
Deluxe hard cover
180 pages
price: 40,40 €

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Les meubles populaires de la Haute-Auvergne

Traditional furniture of Upper-Auvergne (Les meubles populaires de la Haute-Auvergne)

Never before furnishings of common people was studied with such attention. Three hundred and fifty photographs, a text based on archives, maps, original drawings and reproductions from the eighteenth century.

24 x 33 cm
Hard cover
296 pages
price: 17,70 €

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Saint-Flour dans le passé, Louis BAC

Saint-Flour in the past (Saint-Flour dans le passé)

Louis BAC

Chronicle of an ancient city from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century.

19 x 23 cm
200 pages
price: 7,00 €

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Saint-Julien de Brioude martyr, Pierre cubizolles

Saint-Julien de Brioude martyr


This book seeks to discover the historical truth, which is even more beautiful than the legend and most glorious for the Brivadois.

17 x 24 cm
100 pages
price: 8,50 €

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Migrants de Haute-Auvergne, Jean-Claude Roc et Huguette Pages

Migrants of Upper Auvergne (Migrants de Haute-Auvergne)

Jean-Claude ROC et Huguette PAGES

Among all these migrants, you may discover one of your ancestors, like the one who left to conduct business in Algeria, Mexico or Canada…

17,5 x 24 cm
120 pages
price: 7,65 €

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Les loups-garous en Gévaudan, Pierre CUBIZOLLES

Werewolves of Gévaudan
(Les loups-garous en Gévaudan)


Who hasn’t heard of the "beast of Gévaudan"? Enigma or myth?

24 x 33 cm
296 pages
price: 16,15 €

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Les soutiers de la gloire, Gabriel GENEIX

Les soutiers de la gloire ( Les soutiers de la gloire )

Gabriel GENEIX

The story of the 2nd company of Mont-Mouchet Corps Franc Eloy. July 1943 – August 27t 1944.

14 x 22 cm
216 pages
price: 10,00 €

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A pied à travers l’Auvergne, le Velay et le Vivarais, Edward BARKER, traduit de l’anglais par Françoise de la Conterie

Hiking throughout Auvergne, Velay and Vivarais regions (A pied à travers l’Auvergne, le Velay et le Vivarais)


Translated from English by Françoise de la Conterie.
Story of a hike by an English diplomat in the past century…

11,7 x 18,5 cm
128 pages
price: 5,50 €

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La destruction d’un site majeur, Gergovie, Paul EYCHART

The destruction of a major site: Gergovie ( La destruction d’un site majeur, Gergovie )


18 x 24 cm
78 pages
price: 8,75 €

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